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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

Inflatable Furniture – Inflatable furniture isn’t just for the pool anymore. While a pink palmtree pool chair with dual cupholders would make a great addition to anybody’s living room, product designer Philipp Beisheim just might have topped it with an inflatable side table and stool set. Featuring wooden elements, this set however, is not recommended for the pool. Check it out at

Farm 432 – Is it time to replace your Crock-Pot with something a little more… edgy? Then consider the Farm 432 Insect Breeding farm. Designed by Graduate designer Katharina Unger, the table-top insect breeding farm allows people to produce edible fly larvae directly in their own kitchens. Check out Farm 432 and prepare to get hungry for larvae… and tomato risotto… on Vimeo.

Range – Range is the new iPhone cooking thermometer from the makers of Twine. Ya know, in this world of ever-increasing smart home products, Range is among the first Smart cooking products with the goal of tracking the temperature of everything from ice to charcoal. Quantify your kitchen and pre-order on Kickstarter for $50.

Interaction of Color – Josef Alber’s Interaction of Color has long been considered one of the original ‘Bibles’ of Color Design since its release in 1963, and now it’s available on iPad. Now, with over 2 hours of video, 125 color plates and 60 interactive studies, you’ll come out the other end ready to be the next great post-modern painter. Check it out at iTunes for $10.

Speaker Building – You need to turn that cheese grater of yours into a speaker. YES I do and with the Turn Nearly Anything Into a Speaker Instructable by Instructables user Ranofo, I can, can’t I? Yes you can! This clever little DIY project you can learn the basics of creating a speaker out of anything, except, maybe, your cat. Check it out over at

Vertical Herb Garden – The DIY Vertical Herb Garden is our favorite greenthumb DIY project this week. YES! Using a closet shoe organizer, learn the best technique for creating a wall of herbs just outside your kitchen door. Check it out at

Roadtrippers – There’s still time for a classic family road trip this summer folks, but before you go, be sure to check out This handy little site helps you plan which attractions, natural parks, entertainment, and other stop-worthy destinations along the way to your destination. Additionally, it includes pre-determined themed routes based on where you are going such as famous film locations. Check it out at

Powered by Pizza – And finally, Domino’s Pizza recently launched its Powered by Pizza campaign that aims to support startups and new ideas. Domino’s partnered with crowdfunding site Indiegogo to give out Powered by Pizza perks to contributors who support projects that are new and innovative. Check out more

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What’s on Engineer vs Designer?
What’s on EngineerVsDesigner? This week we’re talking with the cool cats over at Canary, the Indiegogo sensation that aims to replace home security with a multi-sensored home monitoring device. We’ll talk with the guys behind the design and find out more about how they made crowdfunding work for them. Check it out at or here on SolidSmack. Rock!

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