As somebody’s wise old uncle probably said at one point or another in history: never underestimate the power of a reliable belt. While it might be an easy item to overlook in the wardrobe department, having a belt with the right fit can make or break a day in the workshop — particularly if you’re bending up and down with that old Shop Vac hose.

While a good, solid leather belt and custom-engraved cowboy buckle are pretty awesome, we also love the simplicity of a straight-up, no BS, simple solution like the KingMoore Tactical Build designed after military-style belt systems. Oh yeah, and it’s just 15 bucks.

With breathable wear-resisting nylon and a metal clasp buckle, this easy-on-the-eyes belt is capable of infinite adjustments so you’ll always be sure to find that perfect fit. And when nature calls, the Quick Release mechanism is intuitive and smooth for a no-fuss, no-hassle unclasping. And just like most other things designed in the tactical or everyday carry gear market — what’s not to love about the purity and simplicity of plain old functional gear?

KingMoore Tactical Military Belt — $14.99


  • Heavy Duty Metal Buckle – This tactical belt features a military belt buckle made from heavy-duty metal.
  • Quality Nylon Belt – This tactical belt made from wear-resisting nylon webbing material that is more durable, breathable and fast-dry. 
  • Quick Release – Intuitive and smooth quick release functionality when you push the golden tabs down at the same time
  • Everyday Carry Gear – The tactical belt is applicable to all kinds of overalls, casual pants, tactical trousers, and outdoor trousers as well as outdoor uses such as outward bound training like outdoor rock climbing, tactics and prompt drop.
  • Ideal and suitable for active daily work


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