What do horror, romance, and desert island movies have in common? 

Not a lot, except the idea that at any time, people can get stranded in the wilderness. Or a cave in the middle of a storm. No cell service, just the clothes on their back, and maybe a pocket knife and a moldy cracker for survival.

In these situations, what’s more reliable than a handy light source for slogging through dark forest floors?

The only correct answer is a hands-free light source. And that’s where the GearLight headlamp comes in.

One is nice, but two is twice as nice.

GearLight LED Headlamp – $13.99

Admittedly, there are many non-life-threatening situations where you might need a sturdy headlamp. But since the GearLight comes with red beams and an SOS lighting mode, it’s hard not to imagine it as a doomsday pack essential.

It even comes in packs of two, retailing at $7 per headlamp, so it’s a more economical purchase in the unlikely event that the world’s plunged into a dystopian narrative. 

But, steering past the mostly-fictional, you can use the headlamp for a number of real-world applications. It’s waterproof, which means it can withstand a few drops from stalactites when you go spelunking. 

It also pivots on a 45-degree angle for close-up, intricately detailed craftwork. Or so you don’t have to squint to read labels during a blackout. 

GearLight LED Headlamp Features:

  • Super bright with a maximum output of 586 lumens
  • Includes an adjustable headband to fit adults and children
  • Weighs a total of 3-4 oz. to avoid neck strain during use
  • Has 7 lighting modes to match any activity

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