Sure, there’s dozens –– if not hundreds –– of pens out there that are the perfect everyday carry companion. But how many of those are made from Grade A butt-kicking aerospace-grade material? Heck, how many also double as a tablet stylus?

The SMRT Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Rollerball Pen offers the rare combination of an interchangeable pen and stylus combo paired with a quality carbon fiber outer shell similar to more classic elegant pens.

When it comes to actually putting pen to paper, the Rollerball uses German-made Topball 850 refills, which offer smooth and continuous ink for writing and sketch sessions. The best part? The Rollerball is just $29.99 through the rest of the week –– that’s 39% off the retail price of $50.

SMRT Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Rollerball Pen: $49.59 $29.99 (39% off)



  • Ensures smooth, continuous liquid ink for easy writing
  • Provides a smooth pen-like writing experience for your touch screen tablet or phone
  • Compatible w/ all capacitive touch screen devices, making it perfect for drawing apps

Get yours here.


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