It’s incredible what can be done with so little these days. While PDFs can now be signed from our smartphones and entire presentations can be given off of our tablets, the need for a laptop still hasn’t entirely gone away for most – particularly those who do 3D modeling.

While it’s hardly a performer for any system-intensive 3D modeling program, the $299 Lenovo N22 Windows Notebook is ideal for students, everyday users, and those looking for a budget laptop solution for their Cloud computing needs.

Rocking an Intel Celeron dual-core processor with 4GB of RAM and 128 GB of SSD storage, the N22 Windows Notebook also features a 10-hour battery, a heavy-duty port and hinge reinforcement with a sealed touchpad and a water-resistant keyboard – meaning, you don’t have to worry about it taking the occasional beating if you happen to throw it in your beach bag.

Currently, the Lenovo N22 Windows Notebook is also on sale for $224.99 – nearly 25% off the original price.


Lenovo N22 Windows Notebook: $299 $224.99 (24% off)


  • Get outstanding processing power w/ Intel Celeron dual-core processor
  • Access rich Windows 10 functionality at a great price point
  • Use 4 GB RAM & & 32 GB SSD storage to keep up with modern computing demands
  • Protect your data w/ Windows 10’s intuitive security
  • Work w/ up to 10 hours of battery life to get more done when you’re away from an outlet
  • Enjoy the rotatable camera’s flexibility when capturing photos or video
  • Rest easier w/ heavy-duty port & hinge reinforcement, a sealed touchpad, & a water-resistant keyboard

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