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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

Macbook Air – If you’ve been holding out for a Macbook Air, well–they just got faster AND cheaper. No way man! The refreshed lineup now includes a 1.4GHz Core i5 chip starting at the base model and ALL prices have dropped by $100…meaning that for $899 you can get in on the Macbook Air game for all-day battery life and ease-of-carry. Check those out over at

Niwa – Well, everything from AC units to basketballs have been getting ‘smart’ lately and one of the latest to join the growing rise of connected devices is a hydroponic vegetable garden. With it’s smart sensors and iPhone app, the Niwa automates everything from watering and feeding to optimal lighting conditions for all of your indoor fruit and veggie growing needs. It’s launching soon on Kickstarter but you can check out a preview of it over at

Visage – Visage is a new platform from information design company Column Five that aims to make creating data visualization as easy and beautiful as possible. The free platform will feature templates to embed your quantitative data and has a variety of Adobe Kuler-like color schemes to make that data more personalized. It’s certainly a step up from Microsoft Office and will be available as a free web app soon. To stay on top of the release head over to

Slingshot – Slingshot is the new sharing app for iOS and Android that allows user to share screens, documents, video streams and more from any wireless connection. With the ability to host and join from any device including Windows and Mac desktops, Slingshot aims to make teamwork and collaboration on the go as seamless as possible. Get the app for free over at iTunes or Google Play.

Work/Play TV Stand – While early onset backfat is a sure sign of too much lounging in front of the tv – my backfat is more like a head support – well, we do love this DIY TV dinner stand from Instructables user Craft Clarity. Including a built-in shelf for stowing away your laptop, this 21st century update to the traditional TV dinner tray is certainly a project worth doing if you find yourself watching Game of Thrones with a rack of lamb. Check out the build instructions on

Openwork Cube Pendant Lamp – If you’ve been meaning to spruce up your bedroom or office light without going over the top, then consider this Openwork Cube Pendant Light project from Vintage Revivals. Using an existing pendent light and a single dowel cut into 12 pieces, this cube light design adds a bit of interest to an otherwise lame and uncool ceiling light for less than ten bucks. Check it out over at

Speaker-Embedded 3D Prints – Last year we saw a video from researchers at Cornell University who found a way to 3D print a functional speaker. Well now, Disney Researchers have figured out a way to embed a speaker into ANY 3D print no matter the size or shape, using a special process that creates layers of electrodes [SFX: ‘electric zapping’] and insulators in the object. While their final application is still yet to be known, you can check out what they’re doing with it at this point over on YouTube.

Parrot Bebop Drone – And finally, Parrot has announced their new Bebop Drone that will allow users to livestream HD video directly to their phones and tablets for the ultimate in aerial photography. Billed as a ‘flying camera’, the drone will also hook up to an Oculus Rift and provide an immersive real-time flying experience for spying on your neighbors’ bbq party. Keep an eye out for the release at

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