Casino games have steadily grown in popularity since the industry started to come online in the mid-1990s. Developments in technology have helped to boost that popularity, and many millions of players from all over the world enjoy casino gaming.

New operators join the sector on a regular basis, and they have to work hard to stay ahead of the competition. One way in which they do this is to continually introduce new games to their schedules.

Personal Preference

The question of which game to play will often come down to personal preference. Many players will already know the type of game that suits them best, and they will seek those out when they log on to an online casino.

There are many of those categories to select from. Customers can play slot games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and much more at operators such as Bally’s Casino UK, and within each section, there is an extensive range of options. If you are baffled by the choice, or you are simply unsure which casino game is right for you, here are some tips to help you decide.

Understand the Options

It’s important to understand the options that are available. A range of games were mentioned in the previous section, and it’s possible to play slot games, blackjack, baccarat, and roulette at the vast majority of casinos online.

There will also be a wide selection of poker options, although some casinos set up a separate website to contain them all. There may also be bingo, a lottery, and a new game called Slingo, which is a curious mix of slots and bingo.

The first step in finding the right game is to understand what’s available, and those are the main choices when you head online.

Keep it Real or Robotic?

The majority of online casinos also have live rooms as part of their platform. You can’t play slot games here just yet, but there is a good choice of roulette, plus card games and other titles.

The question here is whether you want a playing experience that is as true to real life as possible. In the live rooms, real, human dealers and croupiers run the game in real time. The sound and graphics are exceptional, and until virtual reality starts to become involved in casino play, this is the most realistic online gaming experience.

While some players love the live casino rooms, others prefer to play with traditional, automated software. The belief is that they can shut out all distractions and focus on the game itself.

When you decide which style of play suits you, it’s easier to narrow down your game choice.

Instant Results or Slow Burners?

Do you want to play games where results are determined straight away, or do you prefer those that contain a degree of strategy? While there is an element of chance in all casino titles, some require the right decisions to back up the gameplay.

When you play slot games or roulette, the results are random. This is ensured thanks to the presence of a Random Number Generator (RNG), which delivers outcomes that cannot be predicted.

The turn of a card is also random, but in many games, the player has a decision to make at that point. In poker, blackjack, and baccarat, success or otherwise can be based on what that player does next.

So, if you want quick results or are short on time, slots and roulette may be the better option. For games that require a longer thought process, blackjack, baccarat, and poker should be considered.

High Stakes or Regular Returns?

Another point to consider is the level of RTP. These initials stand for Return to Player, and they tell us the average amount that the game pays out. These are independently verified percentages and are measured over many thousands of games.

The industry average RTP for slot games is around 95.5%. This means that for every £1.00 staked, the game pays out 0.95.5p on average. Slots with lower RTPs at around 90% will pay less frequently, but wins can be higher. Games that measure around 98% will have more frequent, smaller wins.

These are only averages, but you can decide whether you want the rarer chance of a high jackpot or whether you would be happier with smaller returns.

Classic or Complex

Games such as roulette or blackjack are played with classic rules at all online casinos. However, there are additional options that offer a twist on classic gameplay.

For example, there are blackjack games with optional side bets, including a stake on whether the opening hands will include a pair.

There is a great selection at online casinos, and while that additional choice can be confusing at times, these tips should help you decide which is the right game for you.