This card game is very popular. It has simple rules, but it is never boring. Next, we will talk about the basic rules of blackjack online.

The Basic Rules of Blackjack Online

Players and a dealer (or croupier, as it is also called) take part in the game. Several players can sit at the table live. There is an option where you can play only with the dealer without other players.

The dealer deals cards. In the classic version, from 6 to 8 decks of cards are used (without the Joker). All participants play against him. Next, we will consider this process in more detail.

Purpose of the Game

To get a win, you need to beat the dealer. That is, score more points than him. Points are counted according to the face value of the cards that fell to each player.

But there is a limit on points — 21. If you get more than this number, then you exit the game and lose the bet. If the dealer has a higher number, you win.

Taking Bets and Dealing Cards

So, first, all the players place their bets. This is done with the help of chips, each of which has its value. Chips are placed in a special place on the table, which is called boxing. In the online blackjack game, the screen completely copies the classic gaming table.

Further, the decks taking part in the game are mixed and shuffled. Then the dealer starts the distribution.

He puts 2 cards for each player and puts 1 for himself. All cards are open. That is, they are laid out face down on the table. Next, the gameplay begins, where the player must make a decision.

Card Value

Each card carries a certain cost. Jokers are removed from the decks, so the following denominations take part in the process:

  • The cards from 2 to 10 bring the corresponding number of points (2 to 10).
  • Jack, Queen, and King are valued equally, 10 points each;
  • Ace counts either 11 points or 1 point if the total number of cards exceeds 21.

Blackjack is only a combination of an ace and a Jack, Queen, or King, which immediately gives 21 points. If 21 points are scored with the help of other cards, this is called twenty-one.

Making Payments

Payments are made only for the victory over the dealer. If you are playing at a multi-handed table, then the results of other players are not important to you.

The biggest reward is 3 to 2 and is given out to those players who immediately get blackjack.

The next option is if you get more points than the dealer, then you get double your bet.

If you and the croupier have the same number of points, it is considered a tie. In this case, your bet will be returned to you.

If you get more than 21 points, or your score is less than the dealer’s, your bet is taken, and the casino wins.

Decisions after the Cards Are Dealt (in the Game Process)

Playing online blackjack is an interesting process. But it wouldn’t be like this if it was all about dealing cards and scoring. After the croupier deals 2 cards to everyone and leaves 1 for himself, the decision-making process begins on the part of the players.

Hit — Additional Card

In this case, the player asks the dealer for another card. You can repeat this until you score 21 points. If there is a bust, then the game will end for you. Therefore, it is important here to stop in time and not draw cards if there is already a large number on hand.

Stand — Stay With Your Cards

If you see that the sum is close to 21, then you can not get another card, as there is a risk of busting. In this case, you will continue to play with your points.


If a player receives two identical cards, he can split them. To do this, he makes another bet equal to the previous one. The croupier gives him more cards, and he plays with two hands.

The two created betting cards will participate in the game process independently of each other. In most cases, splitting can be applied multiple times.


If the player believes that he has a high chance of winning, then he can double his initial bet. In this case, the dealer issues another card to such a participant. Depending on the rules of the game, this feature may not always be available. Also, only some slot machines will allow you to double down after splitting the cards.


This is an opportunity to surrender, to retreat. She helps players who see they are unlikely to beat the dealer. This is usually offered if the dealer’s first card is an ace.

Surrender means that the player reduces his bet by half. He saves himself from the risk of losing a lot.


If the dealer’s first card is an ace, he has a high chance of winning. For the player not to lose, he may be offered insurance. How it works:

  • He makes an additional bet in the online blackjack game, equal to 50% of the initial one.
  • If the opponent has blackjack, then the player wins the insurance bet in the amount of 2 to 1 but loses the first bet. That is, he loses nothing.
  • If the croupier does not have 21 points, then the player will lose insurance but will remain with his original amount.

The possibility of insurance is specified separately in the rules for each game.

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