Especially these days, more and more Brits are spending their time gambling online. list of casinos not on GamStop offers exciting games that can bring a little thrill and variety to everyday life. Something that is now welcomed by many players. Nowadays, however, you’re better off playing at casinos without a British license, because such sites provide a number of advantages over other establishments.

How does a casino without a British license work?

An online casino without a UK license is simply a gambling provider based out of the UK. However, they usually still have a valid gaming license. For example, licenses from Malta, Curacao, Gibraltar, etc. are very popular. These regulatory bodies have been around for a long time and are responsible for hundreds of online casinos. The MGA is considered to be extremely conscientious and regularly re-inspects its licensees.

Therefore, casinos with a license outside the UK are often just as safe and reputable as UK sites. However, they do have some advantages because they do not have to obey strict British laws.

For example, casinos can be played without limits. The assortment of slot machines, table games, lotteries, and other things is also often much more diverse than in the British competitors.

Are online casinos without a British license legal?

The important question, of course, however, is the following: is it legal to gamble at an online casino without a British license? Here, it all depends on whether the provider has a casino license or where the license comes from.

In principle, a casino should have a gambling license from one of the EU countries or any other country. So, you can play for real money at an online casino with a license outside of the UK completely legally.

What should you look out for when choosing a casino?

There are hundreds of different casinos without a UK license. Here the choice is often very difficult, especially since the quality can vary greatly. So, what should you look out for, especially if you want to play at a casino without a British license?

First of all, as already mentioned, it is important that the gambling provider has a license. Only then can you legally play there? In addition, a license also provides the necessary security, as such operators are regularly inspected and they are also easier to prosecute.

A big differentiating factor between different casinos without a license is the range of games offered. Here, it all depends on which game manufacturers supply the casino. If you want to play a particular game, you should look at the manufacturer.

Then you should compare the different bonus offers to each other. Especially on unlicensed sites, you can secure dozens of free spins and hundreds of dollars in bonus money if you choose the right bonus. But there are also plenty of no deposit bonuses, where you get free spins right after registering with the platform. So there is definitely something here for everyone.

The difference between licensed and unlicensed gambling establishments

So what are the main differences between a licensed casino that accepts credit cards in the UK and an unlicensed gambling provider?

Online casinos with a UK license

These providers boast a particularly high level of security and player protection. This is partly because of the UK’s strict gambling laws, but also because these providers are very easy to prosecute. Therefore, in the event of a dispute, you have every chance of getting justice right here.

On the other hand, the range of games offered in British casinos is very limited. For example, jackpot games and live games are strictly forbidden in casinos, and even classic games like roulette and blackjack can only be offered if you have an additional license. Therefore, most casinos will only allow you to play slot machines and video slots. However, there is an additional betting limit that applies here.

Online casinos without a British license

On the other hand, online casinos without a British license can offer their players much more. The range of games is often much more diverse and, in addition to slot machines and online slots, includes a wide range of table games such as:

  • roulette
  • blackjack
  • baccarat
  • poker.

As well as live casino games, progressive jackpot games and more. In addition, there are notable limits at these casinos. Here you have the flexibility to determine your stake.

Of course, casinos without a British license may have disadvantages. For example, different providers can be very different from each other, so it’s especially important to research the different casinos carefully before you sign up.


In general, online casinos without a British license are an interesting alternative for all gambling enthusiasts. However, which provider to choose in the end depends solely on the player himself. It all depends on what is more important for you personally: security or freedom to gamble at your own discretion.