Atari, a French company, is trying its luck again in the world of cryptocurrency and is also opening an online casino. While the video game world is eagerly awaiting the release of its brand new game console, Atari VCS, this announcement has taken its world by surprise. We remember the failure in 2018 of its attempt to launch a cryptocurrency with Infinity Networks and we thought that the video game publisher was scalded by this relatively bitter failure. Well, not at all and we even have the impression that Atari outbids with the announcement of the creation of this mysterious online casino. We will tell you more on this page and also a lot about non-Gamstop casinos.

Why Atari Creates Its Cryptocurrency?

Atari, therefore, seems obsessed with the creation of this coin. Online casino players know this is far from a fad. Indeed, crypto monies are a hit in online gambling and even in video games that are monetized.

Very clearly, we are in a gray area of legislation that prohibits non-GamStop gambling online, but not specifically bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Users are therefore not necessarily affected by legislation and casinos can thus offer games in countries where the law has not yet integrated cryptocurrencies. Atari will therefore be able to use its coin to sell games, and options and take advantage of gamification without having to ask its players for real money. Obviously, the Atari coin will have a value in the real currency which will depend on supply and demand, but also on the number of cryptocurrencies on the market.

Frédéric Chesnais, the managing director, sees an opportunity to showcase the firm’s products while minimizing the financial risks. To do so, the video game creation studio is not embarking on this adventure alone.

Indeed, Atari does not have the necessary skills and experience to launch a cryptocurrency so quickly. It, therefore, gave a non-exclusive license to the ICICB Group. Atari Chain LTD, based in Gibraltar, will issue the Atari Coin. This company is equally owned by Atari and the ICICB Group. Atari is expected to take 35% of the revenue generated by its cryptocurrency.

We know that the blockchain game “The Sandbox” created by TBS Gaming will use the coins of the French giant. TBS Gaming will be free to incorporate the coins in its next creations because they have obtained the operating license. Internally, the teams will integrate this coin into the next game published by Atari. For example, to buy a particular piece of equipment in a game, the transaction will be in Atari coins rather than in euros.

The Special Cryptocurrency Atari Casino

Atari is not at its first attempt in the world of online casinos. After having experienced resounding disappointments in the world of video games, the studio decided to offer its legendary games in an online casino version in 2014.

The idea was to use the universe of its successful games such as Asteroids, Breakout, Centipede, and Missile Command to integrate them into table games, but also into slot machines. Unfortunately, the test was not conclusive even if there are online casino games of the brand such as Asteroids or Black Widow slot machines. This time, Atari wants to get back into the game by riding the wave of cryptocurrency.

The idea is far from being bad, but the bet remains daring. We’ve been telling you this for almost two years because we can see it: there are more and more casinos that only accept deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency.

We first saw the movement with bitcoins accepted by reputable casino operators and then gradually the birth of rooms exclusive to all other virtual currencies. Atari is, in our opinion, in the direction of history. Its casino, whose release date was scheduled for the third quarter of 2020 before COVID-19, will accept the main virtual currencies including obviously its own, the Atari coin.

On the Atari site, there are a few rare details about this mysterious online casino:

  • Casino and lottery games in virtual currency and cryptocurrency
  • Esports & Slots
  • Table games
  • Scratch cards

We can therefore think that this casino will offer a complete offer. It is not known if all the games will use the Atari universe or if other online casino game publishers will offer their creations. It would seem that Atari did not link its cryptocurrency to its casino to maintain greater latitude. It would also seem that this initiative, given the declining finances of the group, is not a very good idea.