React Native is an innovative technology in mobile development. It is the framework allowing the production of dynamic hybrid mobile applications. You learn it once and can write apps using React Native anywhere. Last year, about 38% of developers in the world used React Native as their favorite cross-platform technology.

React Native application development services are being highly in-demand these days. That’s why the framework is being constantly updated. But, what’s there exactly you can obtain choosing React Native for your mobile app development? What are the services to look up to? Let’s explore!

Is React Native popular on the market?

Today, lots of companies are using React Native. These are the already established businesses and startups. And, these companies believe that great apps can be developed using this technology and its services. For example, the Facebook app was built with React Native on both Android and iOS, Instagram was built using React Native, Oculus, Shopify, Pinterest, Tesla, Uber Eats, and many more apps on the market. Just Google them and you will be surprised by the numbers.

During the last five years, React Native has grown significantly. And the Google search queries for React Native became higher than 100% interest. Also, React Native gained 17.2% as the most wanted framework to work with in 2021.

Why should you choose React Native?

React Native can impress your end-users! How? Via its enjoyable UI/UX design and application functionality. React Native applications turn out to be fast in performance, intuitive in design, convenient to use, and many more.

React Native has been created from its older representative React. It is the top mobile framework for building outstanding user interfaces. And, they will feel like Native apps due to:

  • being cost-effective via cross-platform capabilities
  • being reusable via code applicability to be used anywhere
  • being performative in loading apps

React native offers a great experience both for the software engineers, who work with the framework and for the end-users. For instance, you will get:

  • seamless design (push animations, basic transitions, overrides, gestures)
  • easy code sharing across platforms (Android and iOS)
  • adjustability across platforms (full screen, portrait, landscape modes)
  • dynamic data (display of different content)
  • building of custom interfaces
  • reusable components (promotes easy team collaboration)
  • rich library and a lot of built-in tools (belonging to React)
  • great tools for bug fixing and detecting errors
  • fast-growing community (developers, tools, etc.)

Inoxoft React Native app development services

Our React Native team of skilled engineers is trained to develop the best quality and top-performance Android, iOS, and cross-platform apps. Inoxoft offers React Native mobile application development services that provide:

Full-cycle React Native development services

We have a dedicated team of developers that deploy all kinds of React Native applications within our focus industries. These are Fintech, Logistics, Healthcare, Education, and Real Estate. As a result, your solution development is done with great expertise in mobile app building, design, quality testing, and maintenance. Also, there is a possibility to hire our certified software engineers to scale your team on a different project.

Сode audit services

Inoxoft’s team also suggests performing code audits for clients, who need their code to be flawless. So using React Native technology we search for weaknesses and bottlenecks in the client’s code. What will the client get out of it? The possibility to find inconsistencies and improve code quality, together with the app’s performance, speed, and stability.

Maintenance and support services

Maintenance and support are one of the most needed services after the app has been released. They ensure the app works fine, there are no crashes and the feedback users leave in the comments is being taken into account. Even if the best quality assurance experts have tested your mobile app throughout it doesn’t mean that it won’t crash after the release. It might be bugs and incompatibility issues when both Android and iOS release new versions of their OSs. So, here, you might need immediate help. It’s critical to avoid the app bounce rate. Inoxoft’s support team focuses on code audits (we plan them beforehand), improving the architecture, fixing bugs, and solving the scalability problems.

React Native app server-side APIs

Do you need a server for your React Native app? You can have a backend solution to expand the app’s functionality. Besides, it’s an easy task for our team. We can create a backend side and ensure great communication between it and the app’s interface via APIs.

Offering these services we have managed to deliver React Native solutions to our clients from the USA, the UK, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Canada, and many more countries worldwide. Our solutions are always tailor-made and fulfill client business needs 100%. Our clients’ businesses grow together with Inoxoft. We are preferred and chosen in the market of similar competitors. For this reason, let me explain why. Because Inoxoft tends to be:

  • reliable and responsible 24/7
  • proactive and reactive on all communication and development levels
  • deliver React Native apps with 100% quality
  • Communicate every project detail and results as clearly as possible
  • deliver within the set timeframes
  • consult clients on different aspects of the project
  • Flexible and creative in decision-making and problem-solving
  • forward-thinking and goal-focused
  • Full maintenance of the project
  • Dedication to clients’ success
  • Skilled project managers
  • Attractive final product


If you are in search of perfect react native application development services – consider Inoxoft. We are a team of young but skilled developers that can become your React Native trusted partner. The services we provide are based on multiple years of expertise, creativity, dedication, quality, flexibility, and more of the much-needed skills to produce outstanding React native applications. React Native is a framework that can work wonders in your business and make it advance and grow beyond recognition. So, we encourage you to consider React Native as your number one mobile technology of today. Be on top of your competitors with the most innovative solutions on the market. Consults Inoxoft today to succeed with your idea tomorrow!