There was a time when 3D modeling seemed out of reach for the everyday computer user (and oddly, even the designer or engineer), with accessibility locked into complex installations, licensing agreements and maintenance contracts. But now, more and more programs are dedicated to providing a wider audience access to 3D modeling tools. While many 3D programs are expensive or require high-end computers, a startup out of Slovakia is hoping to teach the masses with their new cloud-based 3D design tool named Vectary.

Rather than buying and installing expensive software on your computer, Vectary uses a combination of subdivision modeling controlled by parametric plugins. This means you can create complex surfaces and smooth shapes, adjusting the geometry through various sliders, handles and selections. Models are saved in the cloud (we assume they use Amazon AWS) where they are accesible through any modern borwswer; no device configuration necessary. Not only can users easily access their creations, but they can also share their models from anywhere.

“As a company, we strongly believe in agility, interoperability and openness”, said Pavol Sovis, CTO of VECTARY, “This means that we plan to open up our API in the future, to allow users to create their own plugins to generate custom models within VECTARY, meaning that truly the only limit on what users will be able to create, will be their imagination.”


Vectary invites users to starting creating, learning, sharing their models for free with “no limits” according to the company website. Those who want to print their designs and export the 3D files need only to subscribe to Vectary to do so. However, the site isn’t open to the public just yet. The online 3D modeling tool is in early beta, limited to early access registration for a sneak peek of the new platform. With the promise of an easy-to-use interface and the price of FREE, there’s hope that more people, regardless of skill level or age, will feel confident in taking on 3D modeling.






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