Have you ever been sitting in a presentation of a product you designed, screaming inside your head at the person giving the presentation as they fumble through moving your model about? Those days are at an end, my friend. Maide has released the CadRemote iPhone app that gives you (and anyone else you deem worthy) total control over the movement of your model on screen.

Maide CadRemote

It doesn’t get more simple. Maide CadRemote give you complete control over the movement of your model. This is so cool for so many reasons and the control is very responsive. Beyond your ability to pan and rotate your model over wifi, it allows other people to interact with the model, granted they have the app, and allows both of you to sketch over the screen. Currently the app supports direct interaction with the Solidworks, Maya, 3DS Max, Sketchup and Rhino interface. Camera control is in the free app, with an in-app purchase for control of your mouse, and sketching functionality.

The iPhone will connect to all the same programs the iPad would connect with (Solidworks, Sketchup, Maya, 3DS Max, and Rhino). You can now use the iPhone and iPod to navigate 3D models, pull renders, and sketch over top of the main screen. This is great when you’re doing creative sessions with someone else, because you can draw on their screen.


  • Pan, orbit, and zoom your 3D model for slick presentations
  • Connect multiple iPhones and iPads to the same model for collaborative viewing
  • Quickly save screenshots of your models to your iPhone for easy sharing
  • Sketch on top of your screenshots
  • Use your iPhone screen as a trackpad to control your mouse cursor
  • Standardizes basic controls across all supported 3D applications
  • Quick auto-connect for frequently used connections
  • Only authorized people can connect to your computer
  • Connects to your computer via Wi-Fi or ad hoc network
YouTube video
YouTube video

download CadRemote (iTunes)
CadControl (iTunes)

Via Maide Blog


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