Hike up your pantlegs and show off that multilingual ‘I collaborate’ tattoo you mistakenly got on your calf last summer, SpaceClaim is providing good reason to get behind the possibilities of collaboration in the CAD space. SpaceClaim piqued our interest with wisps of whiteboarding in October. Now, they’re showing just how Collaboration inside SpaceClaim works, and all without any requirement for that fluffy server space in the sky.

SpaceClaim ‘Connect’

Spaceclaim made a soft announcement last week of upcoming collaboration and preview of their latest tech, codenamed “Connect”, a utility inside SpaceClaim that takes sharing to a level we have not seen in a 3D CAD environment. SpaceClaim Connect boils collaboration down to its simplest process–SpaceClaim environment, email invite, browser connection. I don’t think it could be more simple for sharing 3D data between any number of people, whether they’re on Mac, PC or mobile browser. There’s no new platform, no space for your models to reside on a server somewhere. All data stays on your computer, on your servers. From within SpaceClaim you start a shared session. An email link is generated. You send the link to whoever you want to invite. The person opens the link for an instantaneous, live and interactive view of the model. The connection is persistent, what one sees, everyone else sees. Speaking of seeing, have a look…

YouTube video

From SpaceClaim:
“The product is still in Beta, but people deserve to know what live 3D collaboration looks like as they consider the options on the table. Fancy PDM is still PDM, and many users have tried that path. They want something new. This is that. SpaceClaim Engineer already opens nearly any CAD format for editing. Now, nearly any CAD format can be opened and worked on together. It’s a big step forward.”

Would you agree? To this day, We’ve not seen a solution to the collaboration conudrum without a required upload/download of data. SpaceClaim Connect breaks past that barrier. Now they just need to make it standard issue with all seats of SpaceClaim and see what effect the ability to instantly connect and share a live session has on the design, engineering and manufacturing industry. You can sign up for the ‘Connect’ beta here.


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