Here we go with another installment of mystery tip goodness. Your Question, your post. Here’s why. I get a bit of emails asking questions about SolidWorks and a lot of them are really good questions that I’d love to turn into posts. So, here’s your chance again to have your question answered.

First Person to Ask a Question!
The first person to asks a question about SolidWorks in the comments below will turn this post into a 100% grade-A tip for everyone to join in on. All I ask, is that it’s not a question like, why does SolidWorks suck or how do you make a squirrel-tail coat… this is serious stuff people.

So ask away, chime in if you know the answer, and we’ll crank out another tip that will send people home to their families in a pleasant mood.

The Mystery Question IS…

John asks:

I really would love for SW to treat weldments as assemblies – in other words give us all of the assembly features in weldments – particularly in the drawing environment. One thing I would like to know how you guys are doing it, is limiting the depth of a section cut in a weldment drawing. In an assembly it can easily be done just drag how far back you want the cut to go (how much is shown behind the actual cut plane). In a weldment, sections you create go on forever, showing everything. I know you can show only cut members where the only objects it displays are those up against the cut plane, but that’s not standard drafting practice. Any suggestions are welcome…..

Great topic John! Weldments are really useful. anyone have a suggestion for John?


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