SolidWorks simulationXpress exercises and tipsIt’s rare, but you just don’t get a highly optimized SolidWorks part by holding your breath and pushing really hard. That’s a chronic medical condition you should probably have tested. It’s time to brush up on that structural engineering and add some interpretive analysis to those fine SolidWorks parts.

SolidWorks in partnership with SOLIDProfessor has launched a site with free exercise, videos and tips for SolidWorks SimulationXpress, a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tool included with all version of SolidWorks.

Will this work for you?
You have the options of watching some demo videos to become better acquainted with all the juicy bits of analysis using SimulationXpress or download exercise files to apply loads and deform on your own. Here are some more details.

SolidWorks SimulationXpress is a trimmed down version of SolidWorks Simulation (formerly, COSMOSWorks) available in the Professional and Premium version. This site will allow you too:

  • Perform structural analysis on SolidWorks parts
  • Learn when and why to use SimulationXpress
  • Download Exercise files and test your skills
  • Register to attend LIVE webcasts for answer to your questions

solidworks simulation assembly

The limitation
With Xpress you are limited to linear static study (static loads and small deformations) for use on parts, not on assemblies… but do you really need that? Would SimulationXpress be enough to get you started with Analysis?


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