Well, last weeks mystery tip about PhotoWorks DOF. I get a bit of emails asking questions about SolidWorks and alot of them are really good questions that I’d love to turn into posts. So once again that’s what we’re gonna do.

First Person to Ask a Question
The first person to asks a question about SolidWorks in the comments below will turn this post into a 100% grade-A topic for everyone to join in on. All I ask, is that it’s not a question like, why does SolidWorks suck or can eyes really pop out of their socket… this is serious stuff people.

So ask away, chime in if you know the answer, and we’ll crank out another topic that will send people home to their families in a pleasant mood.

The Mystery Question IS…

UPDATE: Steve Calvert ask… “Will Solidworks follow Siemens (UGS) with more direct modeling techniques or are we just stuck with history based modeling?”

Whoa Steve, you are opening up all sorts of debate! 🙂


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