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SolidWorks Hump Day Tips 08: Closing Surfaces in SolidWorks (Part IV)


Some of the most difficult shapes in CAD are the ones that ‘cap’ or ‘terminate’ closed shapes. Over the past few weeks we’ve been looking at ways of closing shapes using all of the various surfacing tools available to us in SolidWorks.

In our final week of our ‘Closing Surfaces in SolidWorks’ exploration we’re going to take a look at closing irregular shapes and how the best executions may come from using a combination of multiple surfacing tools we’ve been using over the past few weeks. Let’s do this!

  • Overview of ‘Filled Surface’ tool (and its limitations)
  • Approaching a multi-surface method
  • Using ‘Selection Manager’ to specify inputs
  • Using analysis tools to double-check your work
  • Smoothing out surface irregularities

Project File

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