The 10th app is imminent. It beckons from the ashes… ahem, PTC has formally announced the release of Creo 2.0. For those still clinging to Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5, it may have just the right gleam to get you past the rebranding/restructuring brought out with Creo 1.0. With it, PTC brings you the 10th app to complete the role-specific app fam. Completeness is achieved. All hail the 10th app.

Creo 2.0 – the Options Modeler

With the announcement of Creo, there was always the taunting of an integrated feature set and software family of role-specific apps (read: programs with tools specific to what you need as a designer or engineer.) With Creo 2.0 they complete the idea behind this with the most anticipated app yet and another catch phrase (which is actually a bit attractive), modular product design.

With Creo 2.0, PTC introduces a new role-specific app supporting modular product design that extends how organizations can approach concept design, and delivers significant productivity enhancements to its existing Creo apps.

So, what in blazes is modular product design? The 10th app – Creo Options Modeler. From PTC:

The new app, available this summer, delivers a dedicated, easy-to-use, powerful set of capabilities to build accurate, up-to-date, precise 3D-based product assemblies, irrespective of size or complexity.

So, it’s a tool to pick and choose from existing components, mixing and matching to whip out design concepts real fast-like. It works with their BOM app to create parts lists on the fly and ties into Windchill as well – the idea being that this speeds up the whole design process and brings a bit of automation to creating and managing configurations. Think of Knowledge-based Design Automation software like Design++, Apogee Driveworks or Tactonworks, with pre-configured options for parts/assemblies, and you’ll have a sense of what it’s like. As stated, will be available later this summer.

Along with the Options Modeler, there are 490 other enhancements (none of which seem to include the UI graphics.) Creo Parametric also gets a few updates with the addition of freeform surfaces, cross-sections, a measure tool, and the ability to track, accept and reject changes.

So, that leaves one question for you. Are you upgrading?

The Creo Options Modeler interface

via PTC


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