If you were too busy re-topologizing that scan of your skull last week, you may have missed this announcement from nPower Software/IntegrityWare–they’ve released version 5.0 of their Power Surfacing / Power Surfacing RE for SOLIDWORKS software.

It was just a year ago (June 2017)  they released Power Surfacing version 4.0 that brought support for SOLIDWORKS assembly environment and G2 curvature continuous constraints.

Those are some GREAT features and Power Surfacing 5.0 builds on those with some slick, new automated mesh conversion and clean-up and some interesting new features to improve surface quality in SOLIDWORKS.

The new features include:

  • Automated scanned mesh conversion (see video)
  • Superior accuracy with Shrink Wrap technology
  • Follows curvature and mesh flow lines
  • Powerful, automated mesh cleanup (see video)
  • Intelligently captures geometric detail
  • Topology optimization conversion (see video)

The Power Surfacing RE Shrink Wrap feature is the patent-pending technology that “provides unparalleled accuracy while minimizing the model overhead.” This simply means you can capture more mesh detail and adjust to your liking. To use it, select the tool from the Power Surfacing RE toolbar in SOLIDWORKS and set the level of detail you want to display. Power Surfacing RE converts the SubD surface to solid geometry inside SOLIDWORKS.

Power Surfacing Shrink Wrap technology allows gradual increases in mesh detail.
Power Surfacing Shrink Wrap technology allows gradual increases in mesh detail.

If you’re using the new Topology Optimization in SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2018, Power Surfacing RE 5.0 will allow you to convert that generated mesh into a solid you can then clean up and take further using the array of other Power Surfacing features.  Here’s a quick video overview of the features mentioned above, including Shrink Wrap and mesh clean-up.

YouTube video

If you’ve not seen or used Power Surfacing yet, you can learn more and snag it here.


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