It happened. Oh yes. The five-fold intensity of CAD, PLM, SSLM, RM and every other type of lifecycle management need/want/desire happened this week at PlanetPTC Live. Adam O’Hern, my cohort in design crime at, and I were there being brain gorged and slightly traumatized with interviews, customer spotlights, hamburgers with onion sauce, vodka and details on PTC’s future direction. Here’s the recap.

There was definitely a different feeling at this year’s PlanetPTC conference. The Keynote sessions were more engaging, better music, better guests and a focus more on what their users were doing rather than what they were using. Jim Hepplemann, PTC’s CEO, had some intensely shiny shoes that matched his intensely loud and passionate Monday morning keynote, where he lauded PTC’s progress for 30 minutes in a single breath that made the room echo (the guy has massive lungs). Mike Campbell, DVP Creo Product Development, continued to clearly articulate the direction of Creo, but this time lacking his trademark golden beard. Let’s see… what else. Oh…


Interviews. We had a lot of interviews. This Friday and next Monday on we’ll feature five interviews with PTC execs and one very incredible company.

Mike Leydet – Director of Research, College Park Industries

That’s a must see. All sorts of inspiration about development of incredible prosthetic devices, how they are working with kids and some great advice on pursuing your dreams. Then we have four interviews with PTC…

Mark Fischer – Sr. Director, Education Program at PTC
Andrew Wertkin – Chief Technology Officer at PTC
Brian Shepherd – EVP, PLM and SCM at PTC
Mike Campbell – DVP Creo Product Development at PTC

All chock full of details on PTC, Creo and the people themselves. Oh, and we were also interviewed. Alan Belniak, PTC’s Global Director of Social Media, sat down with us and asked us four questions. If you don’t mind having the shakes and possible slight mental damage for a few minutes following, you can listen, gain the insight and become more knowledgeable about EvD over here.

Creo 2.0

If you were/are a Pro/ENGINEER user, you’ve probably been interested in PTC’s new direction with Creo. Frankly, they had a rough start – presenting a vision for the next 20 years of CAD just wasn’t good enough and, once revealed, Creo 1.0 was a bit rough around the edges. Creo 2.0 is out now and PTC has a much more clear direction. To sum it up, they’re bringing the needed modeling functionality into Creo Direct and Creo Parametric. They’re expanding their Windchill PLM product to include needs for the complex management of software and requirements. They’ve been headed down this road for the better part a year (since acquiring MKS’s Integrity product), but it’s clearly becoming more integrated. Here are a couple presentations that will help you get a better understanding of where PTC is at with Creo and where they are headed.

Creo Roadmap
Creo Flex Modeling Extension

So, PTC has shown some clear signs that they’re aggressively getting their rebranded product line back on track. The vision is an actual product line with a plan and even though the UI still needs a bit (read, a lot) of improvement, it’s easier to see where they’re headed and how the Creo product is improving.


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