I’m pretty sure if we ran a survey right now, all the answers would be BIONIC HAND. Even if the question asks whether your favorite color is red or gravy, the answer would be BIONIC HAND. That’s because bionic hand is not only the coolest color, it’s also the coolest body upgrade… ya know, outside a completely bionicized body.

To get you started, here’s a brilliant design by Hendo Jordaan. It has a lot of cool design elements and is simply one of the slickest looking hand designs we’ve seen. What’s his goal?

I consider this 3D Printable Hand Skeleton as a baseline for a Bionic hand (which I intend to develop into a working Bionic hand with Arduino controllers and actuators). The design was done in such a manner so that all parts can be 3D printed without hassle or supports. I was a bit pressed for time because I really wanted to submit this project for a competition to win a new T-shirt; I really need a new T-shirt…

Agreed Hendo. And with a name like Hendo, you deserve a t-shirt that says “Hondo” or “Lando”, and when a friend asks you if it’s supposed to say “Hendo” you can explain how they just passed your perception test and are officially allowed to be called your friend.

Lando’s Instructable on the Bionic Hand Skeleton is a doozy. You’ll be interested to know that this is his first personal project, first 3D print, first Fusion 360 model and first Instructable. Apparently, he was using a computer two days after he was born because the model is just awesome and the Instructable is very comprehensive.

There are 22 3D printed pieces all together and a handful of purchase parts you’ll need. This version is manually actuated so you’ll need to break into your mom’s elastic cord and ribbon closet, raid it and leave a candy to thank her. Here’s how it functions:

YouTube video

You can download the files on MyMiniFactory and view the very detailed Instructable for assembly instructions and more info. Does he have some other projects? YES. Some pots. So check those out then send him a message to make more bionic hands.

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!


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