What do you do with your pennies? Do I even need to ask? Look, I know everyone loves blasting a few penny out their nose, but like your grade school financial planner told you, “Your nose is gushing blood! You should be saving those pennies!”

Maybe saving pennies would be easier if we could do it using an, oh, I dunno, ARMOURED PIGGY BANK that looks like an ARMOURED PIG and goes by the name of MR. PIGGLESBY. And yes, it does exist.

Time to gather those snot-soaked pennies, because Louise Driggers has done what no one else has done – created an amazing, multi-part 3D printed armored piggy bank that looks every bit amazing as it sounds.


See? Here’s the story behind Sir Pigglesby:

“Sir Pigglesby is a brave knight who serves in the army of the Sun. He wears a magic belt given to him by a Moon princess in thanks for joining her on a quest to rescue her parents from an army of Trolls. The belt (which bears the crescent insignia of the Moon Kingdom) enables Sir Pigglesby to carry an infinite number of objects without being hampered by bulk or weight. Only the chosen wearer can release the objects and as he is a noble, honest and loyal pig, he is in great demand to transport valuable items on the most dangerous missions.”

Louise has been working hard with professional commitments and helping her family in Lousiana recover for the devasting flood last year, so created him to “make anyone smile even on the worst days” and “protect those close to him, no matter the danger.” You have succeeded Louise, you have succeeded.

She uses a range of 3D modeling software including Blender, OpenSCAD, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, MeshMixer and Maya. For this design, she used Blender for everything but the threads which were modeled using Fusion 360. She printed all the parts using a Prusa i3 and Proto-pasta filiment.

You can download the model on Thingiverse and see the step-by-step assembly of Sire Pigglesby on Instructables! (Bonus! Check out here ball-jointed frog dolls!)

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