Glory be! I’ve always said I wanted a baby quadruped of my very own. Those gang members with knives laughed, but I still kept saying it. After I got them all shirts with a cute baby quadruped graphic on it, they stopped trying to cut me. Just goes to show you Huey Lewis & the News, that’s The Power of (Quadruped) Love.

And this quadruped by Instructables user Toglefritz (aka Scott), is sure to stir the emotions of anyone. It. Is. Muy fabuloso, vato. According to his photos, it’s the size of a large cat, and each of the four legs has a full three degrees of freedom.


He has the whole project laid out, step-by-step, and includes assembly animations and videos–it’s one of the finest guides I’ve seen on Instructables. He provides the list of purchase parts (and links), the code libraries and, of course, the 3D model files (iges and stl) he created using Fusion 360.

All together it’s made up of Lynxmotion Botboarduino, a SSC-32 Servo Controller, 12 Hitec Servo, a 16 LED NeoPixel Ring, and 38 3D printed parts, all controlled via a modded wireless PS2 controller. Scott had his printed via 3D Hubs by a local printer and shipped out to him.

He goes into great detail on each step of the build and has some great tips along the way that are sure to help you with other builds. You can download the model on Github and follow the Instructable here.

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