I know if you could–if you had two rings of light that fit under each arm–you would run down the hall screaming, “I will bake all the muffins with my light orbs!” And when someone points out they’re rings and not orbs, you will raise your arms and blast them with magnificent halos of bright LED light.

If you just want to sit those rings of light on your desk though, Duncan Smith has you covered. Ducan has a beautiful LED Ring Lamp design that is just the perfect project if you’ve ever wanted to dive into light design or use those nifty flexible LED light strips.

He suggests 3D printing the base and ring on its side with a 15-20% infill and 0.2mm layer height (filament not too important). He finished the prints with 120 and 320 grit sandpaper, primed, painted and applied a clear-coat before banding the outside of the ring with wood veneer. He used the economically priced Tingkam Flexible LED Lights which come with a power connector and remote control, adhering it to the inside of the ring. About the only thing I would add is a cloudy Plexiglas cover for the light, just to give it a more finished appearance.

Altogether a fun and easy build you could be assembling by the weekend. You can download the model files on MyMiniFactory and view the assembly instructions on his website. (Bonus! Check out Duncan’s Teardrop lamp with an awesome concrete base!)

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