You know, Mother’s Day is coming up, and there’s one thing yo’ mamma (or future mamma) really, really wants… You’re not going to guess are you? … No? Ok, it’s a 3D printed self-watering planter. Don’t act like you knew that.

Joe Carpita sent in this week’s design. His mom has like 328 of these things sitting around her home, growing all sorts of stuff, but mostly marigolds. He and several of his design friends created a brand of 3D printed consumer products called Parallel Goods. The focus is on designs that are beautiful, useful, and designed with consumer 3D printers in mind. Their prices are low, allowing customers to print and assemble products themselves using detailed instructions for guidance. BRILLIANT.

One of our fav products from them is the Sawhorse Bracket. Sawhorses all over my yard? Yes please–the neighbors will LOVE IT. They’ve also released a couple designs for free on Thingiverse. The most popular is… wait for it… a Self-Watering Planter. You heard me right, a SELF-WATERING PLANTER. The same one we were talking about earlier, in fact. It’s been downloaded over 18,000 times (!) and has over 100 posted makes. Not too shabby team Parallel!

They’ve got a new collection that I’m told is centered around the “entryway” – Lamps? Umbrella holders? Puppy storage? WHAT COULD IT BE?? You’ll have to bite your nails for a few weeks until they reveal those products at the end of April.

In the meantime, you can download the Self-Watering Planter files here on Thingverse. (Bonus: You can purchase plans for the larger one here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!







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