The Alien Facehugger. It seems innocent enough… You know, after it chases you down, wraps its legs around your face, paralyzes you for a few days and falls dead off your swollen gnoggin–after that. We won’t go into the details of what happens next. What’s that? You’ve not seen any of the Alien movies? FOR SHAME. To think you’ve gone so many years without horrible nightmares and the voice of Bill Paxton in your head. “Game Over Man, GAME OVER!”

Curtis Socha created the full-size Alien Facehugger as a remix from Julie Sharpe’s adorable mini Facehugger –Seriously, you just want to a keep a couple of those cuties under each armpit don’t you? Mini Facehuggers want to come out to play? “Awwww,” your friends say (while exchanging quick glances with each other and questioning their friendship with you).

Curtis taught himself Blender over three weeks JUST to model this creature until he got it right. There are 10 parts altogether with a recent update of all files -fixed with a run through Netfabb to repair mesh issues (yay!). The model you see here was printed on a Rostock Max V2 and, after assembled, comes in at 40in x 23in – massive!

According to Thingiverse, 83 other users have reported making this, which means there are probably 10 times that many Facehuggers out there, AT LEAST. You can download the life-size Alien Facehugger at Thingiverse.

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That part of the Facehugger your face wants to avoid.
That part of the Facehugger your face wants to avoid.

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