I’m pretty sure LEGO minifigs have all the fun… except for, ya know, being completely inanimate and having the dexterity of a cardboard box. Besides that, they get to play around on and endless number of cool cars, aircraft and THIS, this LEGO Technic Dune Buggy.

Some of you may know this vehicle as the 8048-1 Buggy set, released in 2010, containing 314 pieces and cool, little ‘Nitro Buggy’ decals. If you’re GrabCAD user ‘lowradiation’ however, you know every single piece intimately, from the four-knob gears to the shock absorbers. He has a long history of making these LEGO sets, with over 20 available, many of which are in the Technic category.

For this model, he’s provided the model in both STP and (Rhino) 3DM, perfect for downloading, rendering, animating or using to complete more of your digital LEGO collections… because a digital LEGO collection is really useful and doesn’t hurt as bad when you step on it. Does a LEGO feel pain when it steps on itself? – Existential quandary for LEGO minifigs.

You can download the files on GrabCAD. (BONUS! Grab one of his other LEGO models on his project page!)

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