You know a mask of light that shoots out 50 million lumens whenever someone looks at you tends to cause temporary blindness and bouts of projectile vomit, so something at your desk that is still 1) eye-catching and 2) unique, is a must. Janis Jakaitis has a solution that will keep your 3D printer busy and your co-workers from loosing their morning donut, with a light arc customizable enough for the most unspacious of unspacious cubicles or work desks.

You could go to the nearest store and buy an LED lamp, but that would be totally lame. You need to go through the joy and trouble of making your own 3D printed LED Bridge Lamp that shoots beautiful arced LED color from above your head. Janis has done the tough part for you, creating the first incredible prototype, getting feedback and improving the design to be even more incredible. His LED Bridge Lamp was modeled in SketchUp and Fusion 360, then printed on a sturdy Original Prusa i3.

He provides all the .stl files and some simple PDFs to get you going. Though each section requires assembly of all the sides, he also provides a one-piece segment the print and assemble should you not give a poo if there’s a slight difference in each section. Me? I’m taking the easy route and installing some stage lighting. Yes, WITH PYROTECHNICS AND SMOKE MACHINES.

You can download the files on Thingiverse, and have arcs of light all around your house by the weekend! (Bonus! See the previous LED Bridge Lamp with LED specs here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!






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