Ever since I was a kid, blowing Play-Doh through letter shaped cookie cutters, I’ve had an interest in typefaces. I like to think I’m the one who confronted my second-grade teacher about the font choice and kerning on that awful “Mister Seahorse’ bulletin board. I imagine Loren Kulesus, a Brooklyn-based designer, has had a similar lust for letters, and his Heatwave typeface *ahem* 3D PRINTABLE TYPEFACE is perfect proof.

After seeing the 3D printed typefaces of Thomas Wirtz and the incredible material effects in the video for his Master’s Thesis (see below), I was hoping he would be on of those cool people who shares the models.

He built each letter separately, but also created a series of three letter acronym prints. The channels in each were deep enough to fill with different material. Materials like colored dyes, oil, paint and yes, FIRE. I would have slammed some Jell-O in there and serve up some WTF treats to my co-workers. WINNING IT. The effects are simply stunning.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t share the flippin’ models, but fortunately I are an engineer, so I’m work on my own unique typeface. Looking for inspiration, I came across Loren’s set on Thingiverse. Called Heatwave, the letters are 2″ x 2″ and constructed with a series of 1 mm thick walls and series of channels. The height of each wall changes that, when lit just right, would look totally dope in your cubicle suburban homestead downtown loft.


Honestly, I think Loren’s typeface is a much cooler design. More examples are below and you can see more of Loren’s work on his Instagram page, which includes a lot of abstract 3D and even more 3D printed typefaces.

You can download the files here on Thingverse. (And another Crossbeam Typeface here. Woohoo!!)

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