I know, the last time you thought ‘fully-animated 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine’ is right before you had one tattooed across your entire back. This one, however, is one you can admire without having to re-break a fused spinal column and has 100% less back hair.

André Gasser of AGATECH submitted this dandy of a Triumph motorcycle engine animation on GrabCAD. Modeled by the AMAZING João Fonseca (original model here), it comes with all the parts and detail needed for you to download, open and point at whiles screaming out each individual part while also eating a pot of cottage cheese. André has included an OBJ, STL and a KeyShot .bip file. An STL? That means you could totally download this thing and go crazy trying to 3D print it.

Along with all that, Andre has included an animated GIF (which is pronounced like GIFT, unless you are an uber-hip Steve Wilhite follower and pronounce it like JIF), which you can stare at for 30 seconds, look at a white wall and see two cats playing Frisbee. He’s also made it available for you to upload your own files, so remix, rerender or re-GIF it and share the awesome with others.


You can download the files here on GrabCAD.

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