Think about it. What are you suppose to do with your fingers when you’re not CAD’ing about or peeling through the pages on SolidSmack? You could eat… or make stuff… or give your co-worker a very awkward massage, OR you could fidget. Fidget, fidGET, FIDGET. I’m a pen spinner myself, but Francesco Pantaleone has just revealed to me another way to fidget my life away.

Francesco says, “This Trispinner is smaller than other designs on Thingiverse” ….wait, there are more?! Sure enough. There are no less than a thousand other fidget spinners on Thingiverse, but this one, THIS ONE, is designed so it spins between the fingers at every position. “LET THE FIDGET TRICKS MADNESS BEGIN!!”

It’s a beautifully simple design printed with ColorFabb Woodfill at 0.20 mm layer height on a Prusa i3 MK2. I am absolutely impressed with the results on that printer – look how tight those layers are! Though not specified, it looks like it uses standard 608 ZZ bearings (22mm OD x 8mm ID x 7mm Width).

You can download the files (three in total) on Thingiverse. (BONUS! Grab one of his other LEGO models on his project page!)

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