It’s no use. You can’t convince me there’s anything more practical to have on your desktop than a 3D printed SkullBot. Somehow, this bot finagled a human skull to use as it’s body. That makes for one creepy ass blade-wielding machine… or a practical use of spare skulls laying about. Don’t worry, this is just a small 3D print–He says! Robots aren’t smart enough to revolt and commandeer our skulls as a bodice, he says! *looks hesitantly at small, skinless furby, scoots away*

3DKitbash, the makers of so much 3D printed toy awesome are the ones behind this week’s model. As a thanks to various 3D printer websites who warned 3DKitbash of their items being sold illegally on Ebay, they’ve released this special edition SkullBot from the Quin 3D printable fashion doll line.

SkullBot (#SkullBot) is a newly discovered, residual of the #QuinSaga Wars. …We’re still unclear on how he was created but it looks as if a scrapped #RukiBot was reassembled with some human remains. …Dark, grim, and mysterious we hope that this new creature will become more friend, than foe.

I’m not sure how a robot with a human bone body and a jaw crotch can be any less foe. Either way, this bot has been updated to increase socket durability in the legs and it’s an interesting piece to print up and study if you have dreams of creating your own jointed 3D printed toys.

The SkullBot:

  1. Features a 5mm Claw grip! – He holds many Transformer weapons!
  2. Is designed to have parts rearranged! – Spider-Skull, anyone?
  3. Has Arms that rotate at the wrists!
  4. Features 3DK Spin ports… This allows you to rotate the Utility Pins in their ports.

You can download the files here on Thingverse.

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