On the off-chance you have an intact skullcap and you’re mostly coherent at this time of day, I want to introduce you this week to a model so puzzling you’ll want to finish the maze you started drawing on your belly in the middle of that meeting last week.

Thomas Buseyne is no stranger to puzzles… actually, he could be stranger to puzzles and just, sort of, sneak up on’em quiet like, then SMACK. Either way, with a 3D printed puzzle he shared recently, he certainly knows how to keep a brain entertained for a good long while.

3d printed brain puzzle

‘Dr. Brain Breaker’ is a remix from Steve Dakh’s amazing low-poly skull which Thomas chopped and modded to house that beautifully exposed interlocking brain matter. There are 56 pieces in all with each side consisting of 28 pieces and hidden pieces in the center. My thinks!

He printed all 56 pieces and the skull base on a Prusa i3 MKS2 using ColorFabb fluorescent green PLA for the brain and blue grey PLA for the skull. LOVE that color combo. Others have used fluorescent pink, yellow, and beige for the brain pieces. Me? I’m curious about using ColorFabb’s Glow Fill or a more flexible, rubbery filament. Suggestions?

You can download the model on MyMiniFactory. All files are available as .stl, including the skull base as well as the left and right sections available as a single file. (Bonus! Check out his latest creation, an elegant, modern style flower vase, here!)

Have a model you think everyone needs? Share the link and details with us here!

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