Let me ask you this. Do you ever have a SolidWorks model that has the same color applied to all the parts? Doesn’t that just frustrate the glitter out of your magenta and chartreuse trousers? I feel your pain, and so does a reader who is looking to add a splash of randomly generated color to his 3D geometry to aid in rendering. But, how to do it?

This one is above my macro-slapping skill, but I know there are some of you who know just how to do it. Is it even possible? I’ve seen random colors applied to new parts, but how about an existing assembly, or a part with multi-bodies?

Any thoughts? Here’s the original question to help you ponder.

We’re constantly painting SolidWorks models for rendering in Hypershot/Keyshot/Shot/Key/Hyper/OMG/Whatever renderer… We typically just need to get each solid body in our part (we work in a single part with multiple bodies) a different color. Or in an assembly, each part a different color. (“Clown Mode”). Is there a script or macro that would do that?

How about it? Clown Mode for SolidWorks?


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