It’s dark. The air trembles with the hum of an endless printing cycle. The lights flicker, the printer stops and the toothless document clerk looks up and smiles a bone-chilling smile. But what’s this?! The drawing, thick with the smell of toner is on revision C… but there are Revision B bubbles on the sheets!!! No, NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Stop gnawing on me toothless document clerk!!

A common nightmare. Old revision bubbles have been left on the drawing tempting the fates, causing confusion, and wasting ream upon ream of quality 11×17 printer paper. Here’s how to get rid of ALL of the old revision bubbles on a SolidWorks drawing with only two simple clicks of a button.

How to Delete All Revision Bubbles on a SolidWorks drawing

An example of the offending revision bubble:

Fortunately for you and your team, SolidWorks provides an easy way to delete all of the previous revision bubbles on all sheets at the same time… simultaneously… all at once. To accomplish this task, follow these simple steps.

  1. Select any one of the previous revision’s revision bubble and punch the Delete key with the gums of a toothless print clerk… or your finger. IMPORTANT – Pay attention to the following two prompts or meet your doom:
  2. The first prompt is asking whether you want to delete the corresponding row in the revision table. Normally you will select No.
  3. The second prompt is asking whether you want to delete all of the symbols, on all sheets in the drawing, with the corresponding drawing revision. This is where you will select Yes.

That’s it. All of the previous revision’s revision symbols will be sought out and destroyed, on all sheets.

Thanks to Butch Lively from Taylor Deal Aviation for being such a ruthless drawing gangsta and sending this in! Have your own tip? Send it in!


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