Ya know, when you’ve come inside from a hard day of unnecessary antelope slapping, there’s bound to be some thoughts going through your head about how to make curved shapes in SolidWorks without overwhelming your mind.

Over at the 3DVisions blog, chief antelope slapper and CSWP, Randy Simmons shows you how to make a Quick surface curved 2 directions. It’s a great technique. One we want to slap into the ground like an unruly Kudu that’s had one too many ginger ales. Here’s how it’s done and a little example to give you an idea about some applications.

We’ve looked at ways to control your curves on surfaces in the past, but here’s a super slick way to start forming shapes that is crucial to starting off with surfacing in SolidWorks, plus it just speeds the whole process up.

  1. Sketch two intersecting splines on different planes.
  2. Use a boundary surface to fill the areas between the curves.
  3. Create the shape you want to cut out of the boundary surface. Extend a surface profile Up to Surface of the boundary surface and use Trim Surface to trim the surface away.
  4. Add any other surfaces you need to close everything off and knit the surfaces together. Bam. done.
  5. Add fillets or any other feature you need.

Yes, it’s quite obvious what the applications could be from the above example – curved things… with holes in them. Really though, this serves as a great method for a guide surface to start your part. Adding dimension to the splines will provide the adjustment you need and using planes, 3D sketches or Spline on surface can help you locate sketches anywhere you need them. Have fun.


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