So, you have an idea for a helmet. Not just any helmet though. A helmet that makes all existing helmets look totally lame by comparison. You want to bring a design team together–collaborate on it, create different versions, share files, renderings and thoughts about how to pummel any other would-be helmet maker. GrabCAD has revamped the model viewing experience in their CAD library to give you a better idea of what possibilities you have after sharing your product design ideas.

GrabCAD CAD Projects

If you use GrabCAD, you know that once you upload a model, you or someone else can upload other versions of that model, either modifications or file formats. With the newest update, it becomes a bit more apparent what potential uploading a simple model can have.

“When you upload a model to GrabCAD, it becomes a public project. The Overview tab gives everyone the basic information about your model. The files tab can keep track of hundreds of parts and sub-assemblies, and the updates tab is your one stop shop for keeping track of changes to the model.”

Where could it go from here? Competition is heatin’ up in the web-based 3D collaboration scene, and it’s likely not going to slow down. GrabCAD has huge user base, the web presence and the combination of CAD library, 3D file viewing and private sharing which makes it a very good resource for a project space–limited to an extent, but simple to use. There is no version tracking yet, but viewing at the ‘Files’ tab shows how it’s being pushed toward more organization and file options. But is version tracking really needed?

Image: Full Face Helmet / Gee
Source: GrabCAD Blog


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