Yes, you must. You must get your 3D Kung Fu on. One way to do that, in the least harmful and most efficient way possible, is through the viewing of videos. One in particular that will give you the chops to create endless variations of radial intensity not fit for the pudgy, weak wills of the untrained masses, is through a new cadjunkie series, 3D Kung Fu.

How to Use the Radial Array Tool in modo

In this video, our very own Simon Martin walks you through the steps to create a DNA strand using the radial array tool in modo. He shows you how to create the single ‘barbell’ shape that serves as the base for the entire model, with tips and tricks on how to create it lickity-split with keyboard shortcuts and guidance through the modo interface. Want more 3D Kung Fu? Let us know what you would like to see in the comments!


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