Now, there was a time when vassal and vessel sailed betwixt the vapored reef, but all the coin and all the curd could not save your hide from links like these.

Alberto Cerriteno – I could seriously sip paint and look at Alberto’s art all day. Brilliant colors and design.
Big Bang Big Boom – Blu’s stop-motion graffiti animation. I imagine it took billions and billions of years to do.
Tesla – A quick, entertaining overview of Nikola Tesla. Surprise, he was in no way a half-vampire, half-human.
Presenting your portfolio on the iPad – Here’s one way of doing it, another way is an album with a soundtrack and dancing bears.
Magnetic Putty – It’s a magnet. No, it’s putty. NO, it’s magnetic putty!
20 Amazing Physics Simulations – So fun. There’s nothing like busting through stuff or making something explode. There’s one in 3D too.
OhDoctah answers Old Spice Man – The reckoning is here. The big guy confronts the skinny pretty boy in the Old Spice commercials.
Tileables – Tile your screen, your face. Great “tileable” texture packs free for download.


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