Several weeks ago, Headup Games announced the next installment in their popular Portal video game series. But, it certainly wasn’t what fans were expecting.

Instead of continuing on their first-person puzzle-platform, the new game is a bridge-building simulator with some aspects of Portal thrown into the mix. In essence, it’s ClockStone’s Bridge Constructer combined with Valve’s Portal but without the first-person element. It’s also incredibly fun to play.

According to Headup Games, “Bridge Constructor Portal blends the laws of structural engineering and technology straight from Aperture Laboratories into an exciting new game experience.”

Gameplay is relatively straightforward; it’s the player’s job to build bridges, ramps, slides, and other structures to allow a vehicle to get to the other side of the map. In keeping things on-brand with the Portal experience, players also have access to traditional Portal tools including propulsion/repulsion gel, aerial faith plates, building cubes and, well, portals—among others. Of course, you’ll need to employ them if you want to get past the many dangers each level has to offer—which include sentry turrets, acid pools, switch puzzles and other nasty obstacles.

YouTube video

Overall, the gameplay is fantastic; it’s remarkable how the physics play out when vehicles traverse your bridge creations. Not to mention, Ellen McLain (of Bridge Constructor fame/original voice of GLaDOS) also makes a comeback to help you through the opening tutorial and get familiarized with gameplay before tackling more advanced levels.

Bridge Constructor Portal is available for most platforms- PC, Linux, Android and iOS and runs $9.99 for desktops and $4.99 for mobile devices. Those that purchase the game from Steam will also get the original Bridge Constructor free.


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