Are there not enough 3D creation, development and collaboration apps on the web? No sir, no there are not. Especially apps that take an approach that combines both the block-addicting fun of Minecraft and the web-modeling ease of Tinkercad. BrickItUp plans to take on the feat, they’re almost there and they have a Kickstarter campaign going to make it happen.


BrickItUp 3D Modeling

So at first, this looks like an ordinary HTML5/webGL web app for busting out a blocky looking house, but it’s a tad more. The idea behind it is not only to create things, but to create entire environments and to do it all with collaboration that happens in real-time. From creator of the project, Jose Luis:

BrickItUp is a crowdsourcing platform for the creation of three dimensional environments, with heavy stress in the collaborative and sharing aspects, enabling any user with no previous experience easy access to otherwise a complicated skill such as 3D modeling, and the capacity to engage into three dimensional design in a collaborative way, with immediate navigation, sharing and exporting capabilities.

Now, the creation of models in real-time and the modeling of environments are the two unique bits of this project. (See the 1:30 mark in the video.) The plan is also to keep it completely free. While the interface is super basic and you’re really just stacking pre-defined pieces of geometry, there-in lies the beauty. It’s not production-ready parts for industrial application or 3D printed structures (although they’re building in that functionality). It’s a simple way to build and create environments then share with others. Go, check it out, help them get funded.

On another note, if this project doesn’t get funding, I hope they launch another one with their illustrator Muriel, who has created the incredibly cool artwork for the project. Examples below and BrickitUp wallpapers available here. (Perhaps they should make the BrickItUp UI look like the illustrations? yeah, I think so.)





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