Ya like that graphic? CAD on Android, get it? HA!! What are the best Android CAD apps? Did you even know they existed? Well, they do and any Android freak who draws hearts around their name and their open platform device will tell you there are many other apps associated with design and drawing which can add to their usefulness. We’ve put together another list of apps for mobile devices. This time we’re digging through the options to find the best CAD Apps for Android. Altogether there are four dedicated CAD app that are must have for designers and engineers who need to make their Android device a little more useful.

Best Android CAD Apps

Let’s Construct Suite – 4.5 stars with 8 ratings | $9.52
This app suite, by DakoSoftware, is built specifically to help meet the design needs of civil engineers. The app contains an expansive engineering library with information on beam design, concrete design, and channel design. Android OS 1.6 and later.

Rilievo – 4 stars with 2 ratings | $2.93
Built by an architect, for architects. It handles architectural surveys and was built to eliminate the need for paper surveys. Measurements can be saved to an external folder for later viewing. Files can be transferred directly to AutoCAD. Android OS 2.2 or later.

AutoCAD WS – 4.5 stars with 3,000+ ratings | Free
A free app from AutoDesk. Access and edit all of your CAD files on the go. Open via email attachments, synced files, or download them from AutoCAD. Files can be saved locally for easy access and updating without an Internet connection. Android OS 2.1.

AndCAD – 4.5 stars with 65 ratings | $19.99
A native Android app for architects and civil engineers. Supports AutoCAD files and has features for true vector objects, object snapping, and image underlay with a host of other features in the development queue. Android OS 1.6 or after.

Have any of your own that you can’t do without? Mention them in the comments and we’ll add to the list! What’s your favorite?


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