Nervous System is a design firm that churns out mathematically generated CAD files which are then printed and sold online. They make beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and home decor, the perfect gift for your nerdy girlfriend, math teacher or CAD-lover. Really anyone with a pair of eyes and a beating heart in my opinion (except your dog – he might chew it up)

Nervous System

Nervous System is the brainchild of Jessica Rosenkrantz and Jesse Louis-Rosenberg. They let the computer do all the hard work while simply tweaking the curated designs to get the best milage out of their esoteric formulae. “We use inexpensive materials and believe that the value of our designs comes from an intelligent and beautiful marriage of form and function, not the current price of currency standards. There is no definitive, final product; instead, the many designs created allow for mass customization.” Everything on their site is organized by either utility (bracelet, necklace, etc), natural form (algae, radiolaria, coral, etc.) or material (nylon, steel, etc.).

Many of their designs are made in-house, but you can go to their online store and make your own bracelet. The app is lo-fi, but functional. And no Voronoi filtering! (A big fan – read more here.) Regardless, Nervous System’s set of work is absolutely stunning – I could wander through their website for days and lose touch with reality.  When you get down to it, its pretty clear that if Nature speaks any language, it speaks in Mathematics.