Oh man are we about to blow the door of your creative gourde WIDE OPEN. You might just call a meeting to discuss new ways to design those pump housings you model all day. Be warned.

I’ve been wanting to find some simple design to showcase. Simple design that can inspire designers and engineers alike to the possibilities of what they could produce within a 3D modeling program… and even more easily with a program like SolidWorks.

So, what better way that too look at some products from a acclaimed Italian bathroom furniture designer, FRANCOCECCOTTI. It’s simple, kinda elegant, but has some really pronounced profiles that you, if familiar with few 3D CAD commands, can translate into your own ideas. Have a look. Is this type of design inspiring?

FRANCOCECCOTTI – The natural Collection

Of course the next step in modeling these up, would be to think about how they would be manufactured. These obviously take some woodworking ability, but what else could they have been made from to have the same feel? How could different materials be used in your products or designs to create a unique, yet practical, feel? Have fun.

The Natural Collection via Contemporist


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