When we previously reported on those cool Sandboxr dudes, they were prepping to launch their super cool model building and 3D printing app. Well, that time has arrived folks and Sandboxr has just launched their Kickstarter campaign to make the app and sandstone-3D printing experience a reality for non-CAD users all over the world…and a marketplace opportunity for artists and designers.

What is SANDBOXR ?

Sandboxr allows users with little-to-no CAD Modeling experience to quickly and easily ‘model’ something to be printed using Sandboxr’s in-house full-color 3D print service. While other apps may offer something similar for users that are new to 3D modeling, Sandboxr’s unique approach allows artists and other digital designers to upload their models and accessories for others to pair in unique poses. While the flexibility of making something on-a-whim such as a cup holder in TinkerCAD may be missing, the fun factor is perhaps elevated for those who simply just want to create their own masterpiece for the sake of creating a unique and personal product.

The App Presentation and Marketplace:

Perhaps the most exciting part of Sandboxr for those with design skills however, is the addition of the previously mentioned merchandising platform for artists and designers to market their 3D artwork, content, and characters to Sandboxr users around the world. According to Sandboxr, the content creators have control over how their storefront is branded and how their art is used and printed. For those with some extra time on their hands, this could be a great outlet for side projects:

The Kickstarter project page gives us some new insight into the final direction that Sandboxr wants to move in, and it looks like if they can get their funding to accomodate the increased workload, it could be a huge hit with designers and non-designers alike. Be sure to check out their pledge page to help them out!



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