We’ve seen our fair share of April Fools’ Day product design spoofs over the past few years that have actually been somewhat believable…if it wasn’t for the fact that the press release came out on April 1st. Yesterday was no exception and between products like the Sphero SelfieBot and the falconry-inspired ‘Twitter Helmet‘, those in the tech community were in for quite the laugh. Perhaps one of the more elaborate spoofs though came from Honda in which they poked fun at the Brooklyn/Portland Maker scene with a well-executed Portlandia-like video featuring beta-testers of their new ‘Fit Kit’ DIY car building kit.

YouTube video

With the 2015 Honda Fit coming out soon, this was actually a pretty smart move from Honda’s marketing department to kill two birds with one stone: be relevant on April Fools’ Day and also push a ‘real’ product.

The “Fit Kit’ (the prank one) is an assemble-at-home project that allows users to build/craft their own Honda Fit from 200,000 parts delivered by truck or drone. According to the press release from Honda:

“We read comments every day on enthusiast forums suggesting they could build a better car themselves, so we decided to take it a step further and let people actually build one…Young people around the world are making their own handmade belts, coasters and tie racks, why not their own Fit? The next generation is ripe for this personalized and cost-saving option.”

Who knows…we just might see a drone delivery service delivering car parts sooner rather than later?

(Images via Honda)


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