What do you do after growing an engineering community to 70,000 users and 20,000 models? You snag a massive 4 million in series A funding to add to the 1.1 million seed round previously achieved. The GrabCAD engineer and design community did just that to kick off the new year, with plans to grow the bustling model sharing site to the largest online engineering community in the known universe.

The main reason we decided to include additional investment is that we are seeing more and more enthusiastic engineers joining GrabCAD every day and in order to to build and deliver everything that can possibly improve the work of all engineers, we needed to get more people involved.
– Hardi Meybaum, CEO

Since June, the GrabCAD engineering community has grown from just under 10,000 members to a whopping 70,000+… that’s five months. With funding from investors, like John McEleney (ex-CEO of SolidWorks) and Jon Stevenson (ex PTC,UGS), that are familiar with the CAD industry (and were part of the previous round of funding), it’s a sure sign that GrabCAD is aggressively becoming the premiere engineering and design community online. I’ve worked with GrabCAD and ‘aggressive’ is probably an understatement. With new features coming out on (nearly) a daily basis and extremely engaged users it’s really no wonder they’ve grown so fast.

Via GrabCAD. Model in image Delta Robot by Marco Luther.

Disclosure: Josh Mings has served as an advisor and consultant to GrabCAD in the past and once gave a high five to their CEO Hardi.


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