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The SolidSmack Cool Tools of Doom n’ Stuff is GO. This short video features some of the coolest finds we’ve discovered on the web this week.

This week we look at:

The Derelict Furniture Collection – Everybody could use a little bit of upcycled design in their life, right? The Derelict Furniture Collection by Tonis Kalve and Ahti Grunberg is the perfect place to start. This collection is made from reclaimed industrial scrap found in selected woodpiles and abandoned sheds. Even if you don’t feel like pulling out your wallet, it’s a great way to get inspired to do something with that woodpile in the kitchen. Check it out at

Dyson River Cleaning Barge – James Dyson is at it yet again with something new and innovative… [In a ‘I can’t believe it’ kind of way] NO. NOOOOO!! however this time it’s NOT in the form of things that blow or SUCK. The Vacuum Barge is Dyson’s proposed plan to clean up rivers through the use of his cyclonic vacuum tech. Whether it comes to fruition or not, it’s an barge-tastic idea! Check out more on the project over at

Last Life – Great news for all you Indie Game fans out there. Last Life is a new Kickstarter project from video game designer Sam Farmer with the objective of investigating your own murder in a sci-fi noir world. Yep, after you are 3D printed back into existence, the goal is to reopen your last case to uncover what you might have missed in your murder. Trippy man. Will be available on Mac, Window, and Linux for $15 over on Kickstarter.

Carousel by Dropbox – Dropbox has been making moves the past couple of months to tackle the consumer market, and their newly-released app Carousel by Dropbox aims to make storing your multimedia in the cloud that much easier to upload and access. Featuring instant access to all your photos and video, the app replaces the traditional folder/text layout with actual photos that are automatically uploaded to your account once taken. Free on iTunes.

Concrete Fire Pit – Ahhhh, everybody with a backyard could use a good firepit and this Concrete Firepit is the perfect weekend project for getting it done on the cheap! Consisting of a mold created by two large bowls and a bbq grate covering those gel fireplace fuel canisters, this project is the perfect way of ensuring your backyard gets used this summer! Check it out over at

Karate Bacon – Karate Bacon is a bacon and croissant mini-sculpture from Instructables user Shaneltl that uses stove pipe wire to create a karate kid pose made out of bacon and your favorite croissant dough in a can. Saaaay Whaaaaat? Using a half-pound of bacon for the body and the croissant dough for clothes, it’s as simple as popping the mini-sculpture in the oven for 20 minutes! Check it out at Instructables.

Glass Toaster by Bugatti – Bugatti–no relation to the car company—has just released a Glass-Walled, App-Enabled Toaster that replaces the traditional grill walls with semi-conductor-embedded glass to heat food from within—effectively allowing you to see just how toasted your bread is. Fully controllable via the app, the smart toaster can look up recipes and cook times for cooking everything from bread to shrimp to steak. Available later this year, check it out at

Giant Jenga – And finally, what could be more fun than playing a game of giant Jenga with blocks that weigh 600 pounds each? Catapillar has created the ultimate in Jenga bliss using five of their CAT machines including excavators and telehandlers. Will it fall? Who will win? See the drama unfold at YouTube.

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