While there are lots of painting techniques available, nothing can beat the convenience and style of spray paint that can create a distinctive finish in your work. Disposable spray paints are a good option but it is better if you have reusable equipment that can serve you for years. This is why artists opt for airbrushes. Not only would they save you from spending hundreds of dollars again and again just to end up with a useless can afterward, but they can also be very versatile. Besides paint artists, they are also a well-known tool among bakers who use it for customizing cakes and cosmetologists who use it for tanning, nail arts, and makeup projects. So, should you get one? Definitely. But what to get? We got your back. With this, we give you the I-BEAUTEE portable airbrush.

Quality and Ergonomics

The I-BEAUTEE portable airbrush package comes with a complete set of accessories you need to start right away. It comes with a cordless compressor, an airbrush gun, a 7 cc metal cup, a 20 cc plastic cup, a dropper, a wrench, a USB charging cable, cleaning brushes, and an instruction manual. To check its quality, our SolidSmack Tool Research Team personally checked what the actual package has to offer in terms of quality and performance.

With just a glance, we can say that the finish of the compressor and airbrush gun is truly astounding. The compressor comes in a sleek black shell while the airbrush itself has a smooth body that is made of copper. Compared to other products that are made of aluminum material, the copper gives the I-BEAUTEE airbrush extra weight but we don’t think it’s a disadvantage in any way. It is still lightweight, even with the compressor attached below. Further, it has a good balance in your hands regardless of how you tilt it.

When we tried the gun for the drop test, we were impressed at how it sounded when it landed on a concrete surface. Just by the sound of it, it was as if you dropped a rigid and dense piece of metal. This will tell you how great its build is. Even better, its scratch resistance is one of a kind, allowing it to stay pristine for a long time. The same goes for the 7 cc metal cup we received which, by the way, fits nicely in the gun.

We also love the design and ergonomics of the airbrush gun itself. The handle connecting the compressor and the gun has a ridge that gives your finger a good position when you’re gripping it. The compressor is neither too big nor too thick, making it possible for the rest of your fingers to grasp it lightly as you work. When you hold the airbrush, it feels like an extension of your hands that despite its size, it allows you to move freely without giving your muscles fatigue.

Performance and Ease of Use

The charming thing about the I-BEAUTEE airbrush is that it has a portable design that gets rid of the compressor cable which can hinder your movements. It doesn’t cause hand fatigue and it is incredibly lightweight. Despite this fact, its 2000 mAh battery is rated for a whole hour of straight use. For a portable model, this is an impressive time capacity as most of its competitors can only last for a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes. It also charges pretty fast and we were overjoyed that it reflects the product description our research team had gathered. In total, it needs an hour and a half to reach its full capacity. It has an illuminated four-bar battery indicator at the base of the compressor. And to test the unit for consistency in terms of its charging ability, we tried recharging it thrice each time its juice ran out and the results were extremely pleasing: 1 hour and 37 minutes at most.

It comes with a 0.3 mm needle and nozzle which can give you good power over the details of your work. Nonetheless, the main highlight of the I-BEAUTEE airbrush is the consistency of the atomization of pigments. All throughout our test, the release of pigments stayed accurate. We found it very true when we used foundation and paint one after another to test its performance in various mediums. (cleanup is easy, too!) The release of air was continuous and didn’t even falter and it managed to create a uniform application and even beautiful, smooth gradients.

The use and controls are also something to praise. Its mechanism is pretty simple. There are no other buttons except for the one on the base for adjusting the pressure of the gun (15 and 27 PSI). All you have is a trigger that offers a dual-action system.

By simply pushing the trigger down, the gun will release air. On the other hand, to release the content in the cup, you simply need to pull the trigger backward. What we love about this is how properly sensitive it is. Pulling and pushing the trigger won’t require your finger to exert too much effort, but it still gives you a satisfying control and decent resistance when you move it. The response from the trigger is also amazing that as soon as you release it, it will halt in releasing paint and air.


I-BEAUTEE airbrush isn’t the biggest name in the industry. Nonetheless, it offers a good quality without compromising its affordability as a portable airbrush model. After a series of tests and observations, it proved itself as a noteworthy purchase on Amazon for our team. Besides the great aesthetics and ergonomic build (which we really love due to its comfort in the hands), its performance is unmatched and truly steadfast. It handled the atomization of the medium we used perfectly and you won’t see a single flaw of irregularity in its output. With all this, it indeed ticks all the boxes you need for an affordable, yet exceptional handheld airbrush. Five stars! 


Santi Bongco is an editor at SolidSmack which is the leading site for 3D CAD, robots, cool product designs, and other technologies. For the past seven years, he taught robotics and developed innovative 3D printer ideas with his students. He also helped in developing some innovative digital ideas and products for various digital marketing businesses and big companies in Asia. Now, aside from exploring buffet restos in California, he enjoys leading groups of our in-house experts in trying some of your favorite products and electronic brands to write insightful reviews for you. PS: He loves reviewing appliances and taking them home to personally ‘try’ them.